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Strategic Sourcing for Value Creation

For many organisations, the procurement of the supplies and materials necessary to continue operating at maximum efficiency is not a core competency. Requiring significant investment and experience in the systems, skills and processes needed to effectively manage these operations, the sourcing and delivery of vital resources can often be a barrier to entry for many budding organisations.

To meet this demand, Tsebo Solutions Group has invested heavily in a specialised procurement division which aims to meet the needs of a broad range of industries. Spearheaded by Tsebo Procurement Solutions, this unique business segment is able to comprehensively and effectively cater to corporate entities of any size.

Launched in May 2004, Tsebo Procurement Solutions is a dedicated supply chain service provider which focuses on the strategic procurement of commodities for the Food & Beverage (F&B), Maintenance, Repair & Other (MRO) and Business Support Services & Products (BSS&P) industries. As Tsebo Solutions Group's flagship brand within its Procurement division, Tsebo Procurement Solutions exists to provide clients with the goods and services required to enable uninterrupted focus on core competencies while simultaneously empowering strategic thinking within the South African business environment.

At its heart, Tsebo Procurement Solutions provides a comprehensive procurement solution on a value-share basis for organisations that operate in the manufacturing, mining, commercial, service, hospitality and retail sectors. By creating value through reduced risk, healthier margins and improved compliance, Tsebo Procurement Solutions enables Tsebo Solutions Group customers with the requisite commodities for both development and the realisation of business goals.