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Tsebo Cares

Tsebo Solutions Group is a responsible, ethical organisation that cares about its stakeholders: staff, customers, clients, communities, shareholders and the environment. We believe we have an active role to play in improving the lives of our stakeholders today, and their opportunities for success in the future.

Tsebo is an active investor in people. Through our in-house Tsebo Skills Academy (that trains thousands of industry staff annually) to our structured succession programmes, management development scheme and post-graduate business school education for senior and middle managers, we give value to our employees, enabling them to perform better.

Tsebo upholds the King III principles of ethical business practice, and only engages in proper commercial contracting relationships through transparent processes. We believe in free and fair competition in our industry and will always publicise and root out corruption, even at commercial cost to ourselves.

Tsebo encourage all staff to report any wrongdoing, and promote the use of Tip-Offs Anonymous as an effective mechanism that protects the individual. These tip-offs go straight to the Group CEO for individual investigation and the appropriate action.

Tsebo constantly improves its internal control processes – financial, legal, auditing – to ensure that we maintain leading standards of practice in monitoring internal compliance.

Tsebo has an active Social Ethical and Transformation Committee that oversees all processes, outputs and strategies across the Group for maintaining corporate ethical standards. The SETC reports directly to the Corporate board. Transformation lies at the heart of the Tsebo culture, and is actively pursued. All dimensions of the generic BBBEE scorecard are relentlessly pursued and various forums are tasked with improving the individual elements year-on-year.

Tsebo takes its responsibility for the environment very seriously, and takes every opportunity to improve its operations so as to minimise any harmful impact. New practices are constantly innovated to reduce emissions and wastage, responsible consumption is practiced across all core operations, and Tsebo promotes the use of environmentally friendly inputs and materials in all its core operations.