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Tsebo Procurement Solutions offers a total integrated solution that delivers world-class outsourced procurement - people, skills, processes, systems and supplier management. Tsebo Procurement Solutions offers extensive procurement based solutions to the catering, infrastructure and technical services sectors - sourcing and delivering thousands of varied commodities and resources which are vital to continued production and service delivery.

Tsebo Procurement Solutions also works to assist clients in managing input costs and offers highly competitive price points within a range of business segments. Overall, this unique organisation aims to secure customer satisfaction by offering unmatched consistency in pricing, reduced risk and greater integration of key processes.

Central to this is a dedication towards constant improvement and revaluation of supply chain activities as a means to reduce cost.

In this way, Tsebo Procurement Solutions is able to create sustainable value while enabling clients to swiftly adapt to changing forces within the market and disruptive trends. By allowing customers to focus on what is important, this unique entity is not only contributing towards the success of the organisations it works with, but the country as a whole.

"Reduced input costs through optimised procurement systems."